October 18, 2015

The Drawbacks and DisAdvantages of Free Hosting

There are many drawbacks and disadvantages of free website hosting. Free web hsoting always comes with certain limitations that further turns into disadvantages and make it useless. Each host is different so the list below may or may not apply to any particular host and its services. Web host is a company that provides you web space on Internet (actually on their online web servers). Web-hosting space is a place where you can store your website so that it can be made available online 24/7 globally throughout the year. Here is the list: They can display ads, pop-up windows or add links on your website, without your consent and control. You can not put your own ads. It is usually a sub-domain so you never own it. You can not have a perosnalized email like email@yourname.com They do not allow scripting or cron jobs. They do not allow FTP access. Support is […]